The best county lessons on the web…

We  will be taking an in depth look at Six String Country, which is a new site that teaches the latest country hits on the guitar.

Self-starters are turning more and more to the internet to learn.  Although there are many free tutorials, trying to take country guitar lessons on YouTube will leave you lacking consistency, functionality, and quality.

Consistency:  Six String Country uses the same easy-to-follow lesson progression for every song-based tutorial.  They are all taught by the same instructor.  Guitarists can get used to one instructor’s style and anticipate the ebb and flow of a lesson, making it easier to learn songs faster.

Functionality: There are things you can’t get on YouTube.  Six String Country has a resource area underneath each video player that has areas for chord charts, chord diagrams, written out strum patterns, and tabs for lead players.  The video player on Six String Country has a custom built looping feature allowing guitarists to watch hard to play areas over and over again without constantly clicking a mouse.

Quality:  On their Twitter page, Six String Country says they get out of bed every morning to make the best guitar lessons on the internet.  Watching a couple lessons will convince most guitarists that they are coming close.  The HD video and clean layout of the lessons along with the accuracy of the guitar parts taught make the quality of these lessons hard to beat.

Here is a preview of the guitar lesson on Cop Car by Keith Urban (view full lesson):

Here is a preview of When You Say Nothing at All by Keith Whitley or Alison Krauss (view full lesson):

Here is a preview of Beat This Summer by Brad Paisley (view full lesson):


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